ATDN - Generalized Anxiety: Disability to be Accommodated

Bristol Adult Education
210 Redstone Hill Road, Bristol
Foothills Adult & Continuing Education
Not Accepted
09:00 AM
12:00 PM

Anxiety is the number one issue students have as interfering with their ability to do academic work or with completing academic work in a timely fashion. In some cases, this anxiety may be indicative of a disorder, in some it may rise to the level of a disability, in some it may require an accommodation...and in many cases, it is simply an appropriate reaction to a new setting and new demands for learning. This workshop will explore reasons we are seeing an increase in reported anxiety, the levels of anxiety we see and how we as educators may feed into the "anxious experience" of our students. We will distinguish between appropriate anxiety, diagnosable disorder of anxiety, and disabling anxiety that may require accommodations. Participants will leave with a model for understanding anxiety remediation from the perspective development of coping strategies vs. implementing accommodations.

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